How much delta 8 do you have to smoke to fail a urine test?

Whether you consume THC delta 9 from marijuana or THC delta 8 from hemp, the cannabinoids are metabolized to the same THC metabolites in the body. That means that consuming any amount of THC can cause you to fail a drug test. However, the legal limit is 0.03% THC delta 9 in a product derived from CBD or hemp. The short answer is that yes, delta-8 THC can show up on a drug test.

Drug testing in saliva can detect cannabinoids in saliva for 1 to 29 days. It depends on how often you take Delta-8 THC products. It can detect cannabinoids in casual users for one to three days. For chronic users, it can detect cannabinoids for up to 29 days.

You usually don't pass a drug test like this if you're suddenly stopped on the road and required to take a test. Delta-8 will appear in a drug test because delta-9 can be found in products with delta-8.While there is a legal loophole surrounding the use of delta-8, it won't help you pass a drug test. So, if you're about to get tested, be sure to stop taking delta-8 for up to 90 days.

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